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Stepping into a New Direction!

Meet Wanda & Jenny.  This artist group, started as a mother daughter team.  With their love of learning, their artistic direction is ever changing. They experimented and learned with clay, glass, needlework, and painting.  But after falling in love with acrylic pour painting and resin and viewing other artists work, Jenny and Wanda wanted to take what they had seen and go to another level:  LET’S PAINT ON FURNITURE! They imagined home with a splash of color--durable, functional, and beautiful.  

They call themselves Creative Differences...only because they have them.

 The common theme for these two is their excitement for learning and their willingness to experiment and change directions. Although their name highlights their differences they are very similar in many ways. Most important is their passion to be creative, having an internal pull to make and create became a necessity. 

Other similarities is their strong love for family.

It isn’t very often that these two are creating by themselves.  Enter Letty and MiaLee, Jenny’s daughters and Wanda’s granddaughters that participate in many projects. Most recently they are helping to pick colors for paintings and monitoring progress of the larger pour paintings while creating smaller pieces themselves. 

Enjoy their latest work.


Creative Differences is excited to announce that they are building a brand new studio space with room for all of their interests! 

Ceramics, Glass Fusing, Painting and more!  


While all their equipment is in storage check out our most recent creations in their online shop! 

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